Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taylor is 13

Taylor is 13. Happy birthday "tots"! Taylor actually opened his present the day before. We were excited to give him is first 22 shotgun. He was excited too until we realized we had lost the keys to the gun safe were all the bullets are. Did you know that you can not buy 22 bullets anymore? Well you could if the stores were not all on back order. Anyway he actually handled it pretty good. Then Ashley came up around 2. We were all very excited to hang out with her. We had lunch and the went 4 wheeling up by Mantua for a few hours. The kids had a blast getting muddy, playing in the fire and racing around the trails. We then went to dinner at Chili's (Taylor's choice, as it is our family tradition that they can choose where and what they want for dinner) We came back home and had pie instead of cake. Taylor picked Chocolate Satin from Marie Calendar's bakery. (thanks to Kevin and Ashley for picking up the pies for us)

We love Taylor and have such a fun time with him in our family. He has a way of being silly and funny and entertaining. He is also smart and talented. We are now in the count down until he can drive and help run family errands!